Theatre Phantamonica

"Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves. – Augusto Boal"


What is Theatre? The theatre is the wonder of life served on a platter. The theatre is an exaggerated feeling but in the purest form possible. The theatre is much more than an expression of characters; it’s the celebration of life and what it truly means to be alive. By the time you thought that you were trying to act, you had already mastered it. The one closest to the actor is his inner persona that steals the show. Everyone is part of a play whose roles are born and passed by as time fades away for what we can say is one's role can be an amusement or an obstacle to others. Keeping this idea in mind, Theatre Phantamonica was born. Our aim is to bring the stage to life and the music that mesmerizes the audience throughout the journey. With teams participating set to amaze you, experience all the countless lives lived, many loves that are lost, wars fought and deaths mourned. You might leave us with tears and smiles, but you’ll definitely leave your heart in the auditorium. So come over to BML Munjal University and get enticed to the best stage acts in the world.

Type of Fee Charges Inclusions
Cultural Management Fest Fee Rs. 200/- per person Fest Entry + Cultural-Management Fest Events
Technical Fest Fee Rs. 450/- per team (Team size - 2 to 5 only) Fest Entry + Technical Fest Events

Cultural-Management Fest Fee can be paid both online as well as on the spot. Any person paying this fee is entitled to enjoy full 3 day fest.

Technical Fest Fee can be paid only on the spot (offline mode). Any person paying this fee is entitled to enjoy full 3 day fest.

Event Organizers

Srujan Kashyap



Sai Teja



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